Seafood cleaning and preparation

Pescheria Spadari Services
Pescheria Spadari Services
Pescheria Spadari Services

Great care and attention is put into preparing fish for the customer.

Pescheria Spadari's team, known for years for their professional and helpful approach, are able to fulfil any needs for cleaning and filleting fresh fish.


The fish is prepared according to the customer's request, be it cooked in the oven, in salt or otherwise.

The bluefin tuna and swordfish arrive in store whole and are prepared by our staff, who separate the various parts of the meat, such as the fillet, front and back. They are then sold according to the cut requested by the customer.


The fillet, which is the most sought-after part, is used primarily for carpaccio and tartare, for which there is high demand from those who enjoy raw fish. It is also used to prepare sushi and sashimi.

Home delivery

Pescheria Spadari makes home deliveries on request. Ask for information in store.

Phone +39 02 878250

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