Pescheria Spadari

Stories of families who have brought the sea to Milan

Milan's meeting place of tradition, history, and passion for the fish trade

Pescheria Spadari Sign
Pescheria Spadari Fish Counter
Pescheria Spadari Seafood

At Pescheria Spadari, our raw material is there to be seen: fresh seafood, smoked, Italian and international fish, shellfish, molluscsand anything else you could wish for!


Pescheria Spadari is the "sea" of Milan, a real meeting point for the sector and a place where you can savour the "scent of the sea".
It is said that the only thing Milan lacks is the sea... not any longer. Just like Italy's most popular coastal destinations, in Pescheria Spadari, day in day out, our fish is fresh, natural, flavoursome and fragrant.


Established in 1933, the Fishmonger's is located a stone's throw from Milan Cathedral.


Over the years, it was won awardsand prizes that testify to its important contribution to the historical identity of Milan's food trade. Its focus on quality and the courtesy of its staff ensure that its range of fresh seafood and deli products satisfy even the most demanding customers: from those stopping for a quick business lunch, to tourists eager to sample our specialties.


From bluefish caught in the seas of Italy, to the most sought-after shellfish and seafood from around the world, our extensive counterserves customers an interesting seasonal rotation of the best-quality fish, absolutely fresh every day.

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