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Fresh fish for eighty years.

History of Pescheria Spadari
History of Pescheria Spadari
History of Pescheria Spadari

We are an historical fishmonger's not only because we are located at a stone's throw from Milan Cathedral, but above all because of our long-running business: in 2013, Pescheria Spadari celebrated its 80th anniversary.


It was established in 1933, as a result of the great passion for fishing of Giovanni Battista Bolchini. Through his business, Battista helped to create a new and original image of the "fishmonger", presenting himself at the fish market in a tie and waistcoat.


Pescheria Spadari immediately took off, which soon motivated Battista to create a company with other experts in the trade – Franco Campiglio and his brother Alfonso, with the later addition of Gaudenzio Maffezzoli – in order to meet increasing demand from Milanese customers.


The members' passion and stoic sense of duty meant that even during the Second World War, despite mass displacement from the city, Pescheria Spadari opened its doors as normal every day.

In the city of fashion and finance, over the years the store has become widely renowned, and was mentioned with kind irony in a song by the musical and comedy duo Cochi e Renato.


The business has grown steadily over the years, becoming increasingly prestigious and, still today, the business has remained firmly in the hands of the heirs of the original partners. Thanks to their contribution, Pescheria Spadari has received numerous awards and acknowledgments, demonstrating their major role in forging the historical identity of Milan's food trade.


Pescheria Spadari is a guarantee of freshness and quality, as well as an invaluable benchmark for the city's seafood lovers.

In recent years, the traditional range of fresh seafood has been accompanied by a highly-valued catering service, which Pescheria Spadari offers during lunch break hours – from Tuesday to Friday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm– with a wide selection of pasta dishes, second courses, and fried seafood, prepared by our excellent team and accompanied, perhaps, with a glass of fine wine.


Inspired by "street food mania", also at lunchtime Pescheria Spadari opens its doors for a " seafood on the move" service: different seafood sandwiches every day, fish burgers, seafood salads, sushi and cones of fried fish. A light and tasty lunch to savour and enjoy while strolling through the streets of Milan's town centre.

In May of this year, Pescheria Spadari's Bistro was opened...

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