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80 years of experience

Pescheria Spadari Fish Counter
Pescheria Spadari Fish Counter
Pescheria Spadari Fish Counter

Throughout the years, Pescheria Spadari's supply of raw materials has not changed. Its fish counter is a unique showcase and the only one of its kind in Milan.


The sea-caught ​​fish is bought in daily from the fishing centres of Liguria (Imperia and Santa Margherita Ligure), Veneto (Chioggia), Romagna(Cesenatico and Cattolica), Marche (Giulianova), and Puglia (Gallipoli).


Then, we have supplies from farther afield from countries like Norway and Denmark for our cod, stockfish and various species of salmon.

Freshwater fish, on the other hand, has been becoming increasingly difficult to find over the years and, in any case, is less in demand.


In the past, Pescheria Spadari always had fish farms and freshwater fish (trout and eel) underneath the store, which are now no longer in use due to the fall in demand for that type of fish.


However, there is still a fish farm for homegrown lobsters and sought-after types of shellfish, which are always available and in high demand, especially during the Christmas period.


Pescheria Spadari always guarantees the availability of this shellfish, except during periods when fishing is prohibited to enable restocking.

In Pescheria Spadari's counters, in addition to the extremely wide variety of fresh fish in all sizes, you can also find the best brands of smoked fish (salmon, swordfish, tuna and sturgeon) and canned or jarred fish in oil or water, which are in particularly high demand for gifts around Christmas time.

Special offer

20% discount on all our fish every Saturday afternoon.

Fishmonger's Opening Times

From Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 19.00


Home delivery

Pescheria Spadari makes home deliveries on request. Ask for information in store.

Phone +39 02 878250

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