Light lunch and Bistro

#FIXEDFISHMENUIntroducing Wednesday nightsat the Pescheria Spadari bistrot.

Every Wednesday evening from 7.30to 10.30 in Pesceria Spadari we offer our seafood menu at a fixed price!

An appetizer, a first and a second course of your choice, with a glass of wine at an unbeatable price.

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We look forward to meeting you!

Light lunch and Bistro: the new dining area

Bistro Counter
Bistro Room

A full dining area was recently made inside the fishmonger's.


Light green tables and chairs provide a moment of relaxation both at lunchtime and in the evening with the “Bistro Spadari” set-up.


The tables take centre stage and the chef is availableto fulfil any special customer requests, from delicious Italian blue fish to some of the most sought-after shellfish or seafood in the world, all accompanied by a glass of fine wine.


Our displays of fresh fish provide the setting for our elegant dishes, including first and second courses, fried and grilled seafood, the original fish burger, raw seafood, and other delights to be savoured from within this historical site in Milan.

Light lunch

fishburger mila

For several years now, Pescheria Spadari has been offering a special lunch hour menu.

Since the dining area with tables and chairs was made, the fishmonger's has become a convenient place to stop for a quick, healthy and tasty bite.


From Tuesday to Saturday, we serve a wide selection of first and second courses as well as fried seafood, prepared by our kitchen staff and served with a glass of wine.


Inspired by "street food mania", also at lunchtime Pescheria Spadari opens its doors for "seafood on the move": different seafood sandwiches every day, fish burgers, seafood salads, sushi and cones of fried fish.


A light and tasty lunch to enjoy while strolling through the streets of Milan's town centre.

Spadari's specialty: the fish burger with salmon, tuna or swordfish, which can be fully combined to the taste of the customer, who can create their sandwich choosing their preferred sauces.


The menu prepared daily by our lunch chef includes:

  • 2 first courses
  • 2 second courses
  • Mixed fried seafood
  • Grilled seafood (calamari, shrimp, swordfish, salmon, tuna)
  • Fish burger (salmon and tuna)


A cuisine rich in Mediterranean flavours, authentic flavours, from red garlic to Pantelleria capers.

Lunch Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Fried seafood cone milan

Menu of the Day



Our lunch menu changes every day according to the chef's inspirations and the freshest available ingredients.



You can see our Menu of the Day on our Facebook page:

Award-winning Pescheria Spadari FanPage >>

Spadari Bistro

Bistro at Dinner
Gli chef

In the evening, Pescheria Spadari's dining area is transformed: tables and chairs to enjoy dishes from our local cuisine, reinterpreted with skill and simplicity, with the refinement that has set this historic site apart for more than eighty years.


Bistro Spadari is a tasting area dedicated to all lovers of fine seafood, inaugurating a new type of establishment.


Every evening from Wednesday to Sunday, in the heart of Milan, you can be transported to the seaside and welcomed into a simple yet elegant environment, where quality and outstanding raw materials represent the true essence of our dishes.


To savour the quality of our catch in the best way possible, at Bistrot Spadari you can choose directly what to have, cooked on the spot by chefs Federico Bonaconzaand Martino Campagnolo. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to one of the excellent dishes that the menu of the day recommends, accompanied by a glass of fine wine.


If you want to contact or book at the Bistrot call 02.878250 or send an email to


Discover the Saturday and Sunday lunch at Bistrot Spadari!

Lobster spaghetti


Every Saturday and every Sunday Bistrot Spadari serves lunch from 12:30 to 14:30.

Come taste the freshness of the best catch of Milan!










Discover Saturday's menu on our Facebook page .

Bistro Opening Hours

From Wednesday to Saturday from 19:30 to 22:30

Saturday from 12:30 to 14:30 and from 19:30 to 22:30

Sunday from 12:30 to 14:30 (Closed on Sunday evenings)

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